Operation Body Shape – Stopped in my tracks

Well this week hasn’t been the best! I managed to drag myself to the gym on Monday morning and that’s the last time I’ve been.

I’ve not been feeling great this week. I can’t really put my finger on why, but I’ve  just not been feeling 100% so I decided that it must be my body saying that it needs a bit of a rest. I don’t feel like I’ve been overdoing it in terms of exercise, but then I know my sleeping hasn’t been great even with no caffeine and I’ve also been a little stressed of late too. I think all of this has just put a strain on my body. It’s been nice having lie-ins but I’m now getting a little stir-crazy so will be back on it on next Monday morning.

I know there are quite a few viruses and infections going round at the moment so it could be one of those; this is going to sound a little weird but half of me is hoping it is something like a cold or a virus. Why, you might, ask am I wanting to be ill?

Well, the reason for half wanting to be ill is that it’s good to be ill occasionally, as it shows that your immune system is working well really. And as I can’t remember the last time I had a sniffle, cold or anything else, then I was a little worried that my immune system might not be functioning as well as it could be.

When we are ill, the symptoms we display are the work of our immune system trying to fight whatever intruder has got into our bodies, so if you don’t get ill it might suggest that your immune system is unable to react to the invasion in the right way.

The other reason why I don’t think I get ill very often is the fact that I live on my own and  work from home too, so the amount of time I spend with other people is not as much as others, so I tend not to get colds or other illnesses from other people. Now this might sound like I’m a bit of a loner, but I assure you I’m not and I get out and about a lot, but it’s not the same as sharing a house with other people is it?

I feel that my diet is pretty good; as I’ve said in previous blogs, I cook  most of my meals from scratch and try to eat as much variety as possible to ensure I get the nutrients I need to stay healthy. So I know that if I keep doing what I’m doing I will get back into my routine within a few days and continue towards my goal of changing my body shape. I’m still eating meals off a side plate and finding that I’m now satisfied with this amount of food.

Foods to help with immunity:

  • Any purple, red and orange foods: these foods tend to contain high levels of antioxidants which the body needs when it’s under attack, so berries, sweet potatoes, oranges and red peppers.
  • Dark Green leafy vegetables: again these contain a high level of vitamins and minerals & antioxidants.
  • Nuts & seeds: both are packed fill of essential fats and minerals such as zinc and selenium.
  • Good quality protein – fish, poultry and lean red meat.

And with spring around the corner (hopefully), I’m really looking forward to eating all the lovely fruit and vegetables that are soon to be in season too.

So a little stumble along the way has only made me more determined than ever to reach my goal….


Operation Body Shape – Still a long way to go

Well after the euphoria of how well I did in January, I’ve seem to have lost a little bit of momentum with it all.

Yes, I’m still getting to the gym on a regular basis despite the snow giving me a very good reason not to go, but am finding it hard to move myself to the next level of fitness. My body is now fairly used to going and settles into the exercises well but I don’t want to settle for what I’ve got; I want to change so I’m having to really dig deep into my knowledge bank of exercises to try to keep me A: interested in what I’m doing and B: My body not getting into a routine so is always having to adapt to itself to what it’s being asked to do.

In the gym they’ve recently bought some VIPR, (you might of seen them on the biggest loser a couple of weeks ago) but basically they are different size and weighted tubes which have hand holes in them








There are many different exercises you can do with them so I’ve now printed off from their official website a number of exercise routines which I’m going to give a go and see what they are like.

In my first couple of blog post I’ve mentioned about me having problems sleeping. Having given up caffeine and alcohol this has helped but still I’m getting disturbed sleep. I thought I’d share with you some of my sleeping patterns. I’ve got an app on my phone called sleep cycle which monitors your sleep by picking up your movements as you sleep using its accelerometer which it translates into which sleeping phase you are in.











Here is an example of what your sleep should roughly look like as you go through phases of deep sleep and REM sleep, the one above is a theoretical chart








This one above is someone’s actual sleep patterns, which clearlys shows the cycles of deep sleep & REM Sleep

And here are a few of my sleep patterns









As you can see on most nights I wake up during the night, which leads to me feel sluggish in the morning.

I know that many people suffer from sleep issues and it’s one of the hardest things to crack due to it being affected by so many different influences.

So apart from now avoiding caffeine and alcohol as much as I can, I also take a magnesium supplement every night before sleep to help my muscles relax. I mentioned Cherry Active a couple of weeks ago, so I have a small glass of that before bed. I also have a small snack of two oat cakes with some peanut butter and banana if I have any in the house.

Having a small snack before bed can help your body regulate it’s blood sugar levels as you sleep.

Other things to do include:

Having a hot bath or shower in the evening

Using essential oils to help relax you

Meditation or deep breathing to slow your body down

In terms of my diet, I’m finding this the hardest part of “Operation Body Shape”; I just love food and I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything ,but there is still something not quite right. So I am working hard on this bit of it to try to move on from how I feel.

Tally ho until next week


January Review – Operation Body Shape

Well I’ve been doing “Operation Body Shape” for a month now so it’s time to review how the month has been and see what progress I made towards my goal of changing my body shape.

So in January I achieved:

17 visits to the gym

2 rowing club sessions

3 hours of Just Dance

I’m really pleased with this level of activity; I guess going to the gym is easier for me than some of you because A: because I only have to worry about myself so can go as and when I choose and B: I have always been a bit of gym bunny so getting into the routine of it all again felt pretty familiar.

So having done all this activity, the question now is whether it has impacted on my body shape; well the simple answer is yes.

I weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised that I’d lost 7lb or ½ a stone which is great and I’m really happy with this but as I said in my first post, how much you weigh is totally irrelevant. I also did my measurements and I’ve actually lost 6.5 inches across the whole of my body, which I’m absolutely delighted about, because my main goal in this process is to change my body shape so losing size is more important to me.

Overall I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved in January and hope that this success continues for the coming months.  I’ve experienced highs and lows, which I expected, but knowing that I’ve made progress toward my end goal is very motivating indeed.

I am going to carry on what I’m doing in the gym, and increasing the intensity of my workouts to continue to push my body to change.

The food and eating bit has been the harder part to crack and I’m still working on improving this aspect, but do know that now I find it hard to eat a large meal and on occasions I’ve felt quite ill when I’ve eaten the amount that I would have eaten without thinking a few months ago.

Last week I mentioned about a couple of supplements I take. I buy all my supplements from The Natural Dispensary: http://www.naturaldispensary.co.uk/

I am a registered practitioner on the site and have arranged for you to get 20% off any products ordered from the site. So to benefit from this discount you can either order online or by telephone. If you order online you will need to register and it will ask you who your practitioner. Quote my name, then in the promo or discount code box type: RL020 and this will give you 20% off your order. If you order by phone quote password: RL020 as well as my name and again the discount will be applied.

How are you getting on with your goals for 2012? Well, I hope, and remember there are lots of people out there trying to do the same as you. Keep up the good work.