Ladies that lunch

When asked after the weekend what I got up too I mentioned that I’d been to London on Saturday for lunch with friends this always seems to raise a few eyebrows!! So I thought I’d share with you how easy it actually is to do.

As a relatively new “Yellow Belly” many of my good friends live in the south of the country so once a quarter we try to meet up in London for lunch and it works really well and you could do this too as an easy day out in the Big Smoke.

So how do I do it?

Well we get a date in the diary as soon as we can after each meet up, finding a date which all of us (5 friends) can do is quite hard but we usually manage it.

Once I know the date and roughly what time we’re going to meet I then get to: and see how much tickets are, you can book tickets up to 3 months in advance and can get some really great deals. I’ve managed to get return tickets from Newark Northgate to London for under £20 on a Saturday, which I think is such a steal, admittedly you have to park at Newark but for a day’s parking it’s only £5 and they also do some great weekend rates for parking too (But you have to pay for the parking before you travel, but I always do this anyway as it saves time queue at the pay machines when you get home!!)

It’s also worth adding that you can also buy your tube tickets at Newark too, so this also saves a bit of time when you get down to London.

But I bet you’re still thinking it’s a long way to go for lunch and it must take ages to get there?!

It’s surprisingly easy and quick to do. From my house to Newark is usually about  a 25 minute drive, usually leave longer as you never know what the traffic around Lincoln will be. The train takes around 1 hour 20 minutes to get into London Kings Cross. Going to London may seem extreme but it’s easier than trying to get to other cities in the East Midlands and so much more relaxing.

Once on the train, you can relax for the journey, yes the trains are usually full and I would advise you to reserve your seat but the atmosphere on the train is really nice, there is always an air of excitement about people heading into London especially on a Saturday.

As all my friends come from different directions so we tend to meet at London Bridge Station as it’s easy to get to on the tube network and has lots of places to eat and drink. This time we ended up at Borough Market: and if you are a foodie like me, you will be in heaven here!!

We spend a good few hours catching up over a nice lunch and then I head back to the station to catch my train home, I’m usually back home by about 8pm. I’m tired but smiling having caught up with everyone’s news. I’m connected to all of them on Facebook, email and text messages but it’s just not the same as being in the same room as them.

I regularly do this trip to London as it’s so easy but I’ve also visited York and Edinburgh too, as Newark Northgate is on the mainline to London there are loads of places you can visit along the line.               

So if you fancy doing something a bit different one Saturday, head down to London & experience life in our great capital city, you won’t be disappointed!!


Operation Body Shape – Time to start it again…

Well you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t written a post for a good few weeks; well the reason for this was that February was a complete write off when it came to working towards my goal.

It did start well but then I got sick, then work got really busy and then I just lost all motivation to do it, even though I know I was making good progress towards my goal.

But there lies a big issue.The goal I’ve set myself is very much achievable and realistic but then there aren’t really any proper parameters that will help me know that I’ve achieved it.

Changing my body shape and being the fittest I can be is all good and well, but what does that truly mean?

So I’ve been racking my brain for a more tangible goal to work towards and then I remembered that I’ve got a dress in my wardrobe that I bought  a number of years ago for a couple of weddings I was going to. It was very expensive, so it managed to survive the wardrobe clear-out in January as I couldn’t bring myself to give it away, knowing how much I paid for it. When I bought it I couldn’t fit into it but had a few months to try. Well the weddings have been and gone and still I’ve never worn it.

And here is said dress, every time I look at it I think – one day I will be wearing it and feeling fabulous.

So now I still want to change my body shape and be as fit as I possibly can, but now I’ve got something to work towards – fitting into this dress.

I am attending a charity ball on the 18th August. It’s the “Wear Your Wedding Dress Again” annual charity event ( and the charity they are supporting this year is Aching Arms ( and  I want to wear this dress.

It also puzzles me that I actually enjoy going to the gym and  I don’t see it as a chore at all. In fact when I walk into the health club I’m a member of I actually feel like I’m treating myself.  So why do I still make excuses not to go?!? Some of the reasons I don’t go are:

  • Too tired – Go to bed earlier!!
  • Will go tomorrow – as my mum says “tomorrow never comes” so need to seize today and just do it!!
  • Got an early meeting so can’t fit it in (But I could if I did a workout at home rather than at the gym).

All these excuses are so easy to overcome, yet I still find it hard.

Working for myself means that I manage my own time therefore it’s quite easy for me to manage my time effectively to allow me to go to the gym; I also tend to go to the gym 1st thing in the morning, around 6:30am and get home for 8am, so there’s no chance of work getting in the way of it. And with the days getting lighter it’s so much easier to get up.

So from this week I’ve actually writing in my gym session in my diary so that I am unable to book meetings too early in the morning which will mean me missing a session. I usually get home from the gym around 8am which gives me plenty of time to get ready for the day.  I’m also going to try to do a bit of home exercising too; I’ve got dumbbells, skipping rope and a fit ball so again no excuse to be active as well as a number of fitness games on the Wii.

Where there is a will there is a way…..  I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOAL, I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOAL.