All about balance

In these modern times it feels like we are all juggling lots of different thing to maintain a balance in our lives and sometimes things become unbalance.

Following on from my last post about the last 18 or so month, an area which has been out of balance is my fitness time.

We all have the same hours in the day and how we spend these hours is our choice, I remember someone saying to me that you can’t make time for activities (That’s physically impossible to make time) however you can find time if we look hard enough.

For the last 18 months my fitness routine/time has taken a back seat, I haven’t done this on purpose really it’s just I’ve allowed other things to fill my time and I guess this is a reason why some people find it so hard to exercise.

The main thing that has taken up my time more is my business, which in some ways is fab as it feels like I’m slowly but surely making headway towards what I want my business to be and I know that sometimes things have to be sacrificed to achieve other things. However I also know that doing fitness for me this is Crossfit and running that these actually help me to perform better in business.

The world of Health and Fitness has gone bonkers in recent years, I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2002!! Wow I didn’t realise it was THAT long ago, that does make me feel old!! Fitness was still quite a new things in terms of gyms/health clubs that appealed the mass market and were open to everyone. The benefits of doing fitness to improve health have long been recognised!!

Then social media happened and somehow health and fitness turned into posing on Instagram (using filter & photography tricks to look better than you are), body image & body shaming, restricted diet (chicken, broccoli & sweet potato) and very little about health!!

My belief is that we should find an activity/exercise that we can do that helps us to live our lives better and improve our health rather than just to get a six pack or guns (biceps).

My chosen exercise is Crossfit (What is Crossfit?) which I absolutely love most of the time, it can frustrate the hell out of me at times but ultimately I go back for more every time.

One reason I love it so much is as soon as I walk into the box (what we call the gym) I forget about all my challenges and focus on what I need to do to get me through the workout, therefore improving my mental health, it’s my escapism/release!!

Another reason I do it is that it improves my physical health!! I do it as I like to feel fit, I like to know that if I needed to run for the bus I could, or if I needed to do some DIY or move furniture around my house I could.

The by product of the above is weight loss!! From when I started my Crossfit journey in July 2014 to about about Jan 2017 I’d lost a total of 25kg (3.9 stone) however, in the last 18 or so months I’ve put on 13kg!! Now I don’t really care about the weight as it really DOES NOT MATTER in the scheme of things but it kinda does as being a “healthy weight” is good for long term health.

Last July I hit an age milestone and went for a Well Women check up at my local doctors surgery with the practice nurse, after all the test were done I was told my risk of getting any of the big killers (serious disease) was put at 0.45% this was the lowest score the nurse had ever seen, however the one section of the check where I didn’t get a green was my weight. And yes I know they use the BMI chart to track this and we all know the flaws of using this as a stand alone measure but ultimately I know in myself that I need to lose the weight that I’ve gained over the year as it will help me to achieve long term health. But the truth is that I actually need to lose fat and this will take time and discipline to do.

My focus is always on my health and if I ever do get a six pack to be proud of I will know that I’m in a place where my health/weight will be best it can be!!

So like before when I did my crossfit diaries I’m going to be sharing my FAT LOSS journey with you not only to keep me accountable but also to hopefully inspire you to think about what you can do to improve your health!!

I won’t be living off chicken, broccoli and sweet potato but I will have to look closely at my food habits and see where I can make improvements. Food and eating is part of what I do as a business and I want to prove that you don’t have to restrict your diet to achieve health related goals!! Will I be calorie counting and balancing my macros? Hell No, life is too short for this, however I will be making sure that the majority of the food I eat is nutrient dense rather than calorie dense!

My diet will consist mainly of fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, beans and pulses and nuts & seeds, as well as the odd piece of cake (it’s good for the soul).

The main thing that I know I may struggle with is maintaining my energy due to poor sleep. This is mainly caused by stress, anxiety and mild depression as well as being overweight!! So exercising more will hopefully help with the sleep issues too!!

I know there will be days that I won’t feel like doing anything, my body will ache from the last workout I’ve done and work is calling, so the manta below is going to put at my desk to remind me to keep going!! This is a life long journey but getting started is the 1st small step along the very long road!!



End of the tunnel?!?

Over the last few days/weeks things for me have shifted, don’t know when or how but they have, well in my mind they have anyway!!

For probably the past 18 months I’ve kind of got sucked into focusing on my challenges and the lack in my life rather than focus on the positives and abundance. From the outside it might not have been noticeable as I’m good at putting up a mask but many people close to me had noticed!!

I’ve not been conscious of doing it until it’s been pointed out to me or I have re-read something I’ve written or heard myself say something that is quite negative. I’ve let negative thoughts dominate every part of my life!! This is very unlike me and I notice this a few months ago but couldn’t find a way to shake these feelings or thoughts.

However recently, maybe it’s got something to do with coming into spring, just the passing of time or the work I’ve been doing with a therapist or a combination of all three but I have to say that I’m feeling a whole lot more positive about my future.

While going through this negative time I have felt that it would pass eventually and these challenges are there to teach me things about myself that I need to learn and just “be” with the feelings!! This is quite hard to do sometimes as we are often taught that we should be “happy” all the time!!

As time went on I found myself feeling like things were never going to change and the more I felt like this the more it became reality or not really I just stopped noticing the good and focused on the bad!!

I’m a believer in universe and laws of attraction, without going into too much detail about this as there are plenty of books you can read about it (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a good one to start with). The premise of the theory is that “Thoughts become things!” So what you focus on become reality and even though I know this I was still unable to change my mindset.

We all have challenges in life, and to be honest without them life would be pretty dull!! However then these challenges as they had with me become all encompassing then it’s time to seek out help and support; as well as being very conscious of your behaviours and language you use with yourself!!

Over the years I’ve trained and become qualified in many disciplines (fitness, nutrition, business) and when I’m supporting others in helping them achieve their goals I’m able to give them the best advice possible and it works, I regularly see clients achieving goals yet.. I’ve stopped listening to my own advice…

I’ve stopped practising what I preach to a certain degree, and I know this is quite hard to do sometimes but if I did listen to the advice I give others how my world would change!?!?

Now I’ve realised this, I’m working hard at noticing the habits and behaviours that aren’t serving me well so that I can start to change them.

Also focusing on the things that I can do to impact my future rather than focus on all the things I can’t control. As well as being realistic and taking small steps to change.

I have everything in I need, my knowledge and more importantly the belief in myself that I can make sustained positive change in my life to make the future bright than the past 18 months have been!!

Watch out world, I’m coming for you…